Dr. Gabriele Schmid

As a lawyer, I represent and advise clients in various fields of law, with a focus on real estate matters. My law firm will support you – whether you are buying or selling, renting, leasing, dividing your site, building or renovating.

Dr. Gabriele Schmid

My work includes both contract law and representation in court and vis-à-vis any administrative authorities throughout Austria. The basis of my work is a solid education, ongoing training and professional development, and more than 20 years of experience as a self-employed attorney-at-law.

Legal advice will pay off

A brief legal advice will help you with many decisions in your daily life. If you get involved in an unnecessary, risky legal dispute or waive the enforcement of your rights because you do not know the legal situation, it will cost you a lot more than a legal consultation. Therefore, seeking competent advice will definitely pay off.

Communication is the most important basis for my legal work!

I will support you personally, thoroughly gather all the important facts, information and evidence to get a clear view of the situation, and stand by you through the entire process.
Languages: German, English and French
Upon request, cooperation for Korean and Japanese

  • with Sophie Schmid B.A. (Korean) and
  • with Mag. Elisabeth Plienegger, generally sworn and court-certified interpreter and translator of Japanese and English

Fields of Work

Real estate transactions

Legal advice is essential when acquiring or transferring real estate. Trust me for handling real estate transaction contracts and trusteeships.

Condominium property und tenancy law

Feel free to ask me for legal advice regarding any legal issues that you may face as an owner or tenant.

Law of succession

I will assist you both when making a last will and testament, and during probate proceedings.

Family law

I give legal advice in Family law and I will take into consideration your private situation in all fields of my work as necessary.

Enduring power of attorney, advance healthcare directive, adult guardianship

If you want to plan ahead for illness or old age, or if there is need for representation, I can provide short-term assistance.

Damages and liability

are relevant in all areas of life. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Corporate law, insurance contracts and other contract law

I can usually provide a first, quick legal advice, for example, over the phone. If it is not my field, I will help you find a specialist.

Debt collection and debtor representation

Don't give up on collecting outstanding invoices!
On the other hand, some invoices can be legitimately refused.

Constitutional law and administrative law

Thanks to my all-round education and practical experience, I am ready to take up cases in which private law and public law overlap.

Criminal proceedings

I also defend my clients in criminal courts.


Usually, you will reach me easily by phone or email. If your case is not within my field of competence, I will cooperate with colleagues at my office or help you find specialists.

  • Address

    1090 Vienna, Frankgasse 10/12
    between Billrothhaus and Otto Wagner Platz

There are garages nearby, and several public transport lines are running by:

  • Trams 43 and 44, Landesgerichtsstraße station
  • Trams 37, 38, 40, 41, and 42, Schwarzspanierstraße station
A little further away:
  • Tram 5, Lange Gasse/Alser Straße station
  • Bus 40A, Berggasse station
  • Trams 1, 71, D, and U2Z, Schottentor station